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Almendros poster Dec 2021_edited.jpg

Based in Middlebury VT, The Almendros are a rock band with ska, punk and reggae influences.  Band members weave in east and west African rhythms and melodies, creating original music rich with vibrant global sounds.

members of the almendros


// bass, vocals, rhythm guitar


Peter Ryan sings and plays bass guitar with occasional rhythm guitar.  He was the principle songwriter on All Over the Place and has added new material for live shows and album #2.   


// lead guitar, vocals


Mark Pelletier plays electric lead guitar, including some stunning solos, and contributes original songs that appear in live shows and are slated for album #2. 

LIZ CLEVELAND // vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion

Liz Cleveland sings lead vocal and harmonies on original tunes as well as covers and adds rhythm guitar and percussion.

KEMI FUENTES-GEORGE // electric guitar, trumpet

Kemi Fuentes-George plays guitar and trumpet and live shows now feature his original "Green Mountain Calypso".


// vocals, percussion, guitar, keyboards


Naunau Belu is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who sings lead vocals and adds creative genius when it comes to changes and rhythms.


// drums


John Wallace is the steady driving beat whose versatility allows this band to feature a range of styles.


// percussion, harmonica


Doug Wilhelm brings conga rhythms and soulful harmonica. Live shows feature a funky original of Doug's called "Pull the Rug", slated for the studio and album #2  


// guitar, keyboards, vocals, engineering


Clint Bierman is multi instrumentalist,  producer and studio engineer whose influence is woven into all of the songs on All Over the Place.


// saxophone


Addison Tate, a saxophonist, is the newest addition to the Almendros. Tate brings energy and spontaneity to the sound.

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