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members of the almendros


// vocals, percussion, keyboards


Naunau Belu is a vocalist and multiinstrumentalist who sings some of the outstanding vocal tracks on this record. He also is a creative genius when it comes to changes and rhythms. You might catch him playing out in Vermont with Gumbo Ya Ya.


// guitar, keyboards, vocals, engineering


Clint Bierman is a multi instrumentalist,  producer and studio engineer whose influence is woven into all of these songs. Clint is well-known for his work with The Grift, Honeywell, Treetop Mansion and more.


// guitar, vocals


Mark Pelletier plays lead electric or rhythm guitar on all tracks, including some stunning leads. He sings lead vocal on The Welter Report and helped write Blackhawk. Mark also plays with The Horse Traders and Deb Brisson and the Hay Burners.


// bass, vocals, songwriting


Pete Ryan is the primary songwriter in this outfit. He sings lead vocals and plays bass guitar, teaming live in the studio with John W and Mark to lay down the rhythm track for each song. He also  picks a little electric 12-string guitar on a couple of songs.   


// drums


John Wallace is the steady driving beat behind all of these songs. His versatility really shines on this record, one that ended up having songs from a bunch of different sites on the musical map.


// percussion, harmonica


Doug Wilhelm fills these songs with essences ranging from conga rhythms to high lonesome and soulful harmonica. He also adds wonderful impromptu vocal backup to EP 2.0. Doug brings his talents to the Avant Garde Dogs and DBHB as well.  

LIZ CLEVELAND // vocals, guitar, percussion

With roots in 1980s punk scenes, Liz Cleveland came on board to sing lead vocal on Elmo Wheat and adds guitar and percussion.

KEMI FUENTES-GEORGE // trumpet, guitar, percussion

Kemi Fuentes-George is a multi-instrumentalist who adds sonic enrichment to the Almendros's music.

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